Our Products

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DAZZINI CO. produces and supply a wide and complete range of equipment and accessories for any kind of quarry operations.
This service is completed by the organization of a pool of Companies for the supply of turn-key plants.

Chain Saw Cutting Machine

Diamond Wire Machines Division

Diamond wire cutting machines for marble and granite excavation; Diamond wire squaring machines; Pneumatic and hydraulic churn-drills for diamond wire lead-holes.

Marble Line
Granite Line

Diamond Tools Division

Electroplated and sintered diamond wire for marble and granite quarrying and squaring. 

Drilling Equipment Division

Dazzini Quarry Equipment

Any kind of complemental and ancillary accessories for the quarry
operations, such as: blocks moving and overturning, diamond wire assembly, ordinary quarry work, heavy equipment for quarry operations.
Wire saw machines for controlling demolitions and cuts on concrete, renforced concrete and steel materials