The Strenght

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DAZZINI machines distinguish themselves for reliability, endurance, productivity. They work in the most important quarries in Carrara, the world centre of marble excavation, and are widely known for their quality features.

The continual research and wealth of ideas are the centre of our Company's activities. The enthusiasm for innovation led us, day by day to a continual success, especially in the granite field, from the first hydraulic churn drill, to the first "electronic control" diamond wire machine This belief in continuous research allow us to be always a step ahead in the technologic improvement.

Since the first appearance of the diamond wire as the most productive tool for the quarry operations, we guessed it should have been the "future" for what concerns the production of squared blocks, both of marble and granite.

That's why we concentrated our efforts in studying the best match between the diamond wire and the machines which make it works.

The result of this long lasting study and technical trials on the field are the most updated machines nowadays in the market, even from the point of view of performances as for what concerns the electronic controls. This allows the operator to work in the safest conditions with low consumption of energy and tools.

Our daily concentration on technology improvement and the great experience in electronic components allowed us to be the first Company to install an "INVERTER" control for the flywheel speed regulation in the diamond wire machine for granite, some years ago.
Our strength is based on the following characteristics:
QualityThis is the main strength of our products. Every electronic or mechanical components used in the manufacturing of our machines are chosen among the most important brands on the International market. Moreover, we personally test every machine we produce before the delivery.
We practise centralized marketing with each of our Collaborators, Foreign Offices and Agents worldwide in order to guarantee low overhead prices.
High-tech SolutionsThis is the hearth of our quality: we can proudly assert that we are the milestone of new technology wave.
This permits us to provide our Customers with a very efficient after-sale service and all sorts of technical consultancy, even on site.

Our branch Dazzini Diamond Division, besides, is specialized in the production of diamond wire and various tools for quarry, in order to give our Customers a better support.
This means productivity, cost saving, operation safety and quality output.
ServiceProduction study and analysis costs, quarry development and organization, technical consultancy, complete supplies of any sort of equipment, such as:
  • Loaders
  • Excavators and any other blocks handling equipment
  • Air compressors
  • Electric generating sets†
  • any kind of Hoisting equipment ( Derrick cranes, Bridge cranes).
These are part of the efficient free, before-and-after sale service we provide in perfect match with our Sister Companies.
We even help our Customers in choosing skilled technicians and arrange for their overseas practical training.
Periodical check outs are scheduled and carried out for every Customer.
The assistance and spares service is fulfilled in the shortest time, even thanking to a direct hot-line with our Technical Department.
Our policy is an everlasting assistance to our Customers and Collaborators, growing with them through the years and making with them a very close bond.